The Spanish Advantage Club

Sra. Isonhood

We're Not Here to be Good, We're Here to be GREAT!!!

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    Welcome, Parents           and new students!

The Spanish Advantage Club is an After School tutoring program that is entirely in the Spanish language. We help children complete their school assigned homework and also help them study and prepare for all their tests and exams.

When their homework is complete and checked by their teacher we then began to work on the areas where each student might be struggling. Our classes are divided into individual grade levels from Kindergarten to sixth grade, which are designed to maximize your children's learning capabilities.

Our team of bilingual teachers are fluent in both the Spanish and English languages. Their main goal is to help your children with their school work and give them the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed and excel in all of their school subjects.

The staff at The Spanish Advantage Club wants to send your children home completely free of all homework and studying, so they can spend the quality time much needed with their family and peers.

While they are attending The Spanish Advantage Club they will also have the opportunity to participate in our physical activity programs. We have a Running Club, Soccer Club and Tennis Club. 

If homework is becoming too difficult for you and your child to do at home, please let us at The Spanish Advantage Club help you. We are here for your Family, and to help your children grow.