Dual-Language Preschool

Learn a language early! The Spanish Advantage Club preschool accepts children into an immersive curriculum as young as 3 years old.


Our curriculum

Children will be taught the essentials in etiquette designed to encourage leadership skills, values, communication, and dining skills to prepare them for life.


Children will be taught the importance of being active and healthy through daily physical activity that will promote wellness.

Physical Activity

Children will develop fine motor skills and earns through imagination and exploration. They will have the freedom to express themselves through painting, crafts, and drawing.

Arts & Crafts

Curriculum designed to develop the children’s brain through movement, listening to songs, dances, singing, and musical games both in English and Spanish.


Designed for children to develop a love for reading and writing. We will learn letters and sounds, learn to read sight words, learn book and print awareness, practice fine motor skills, and develop fluency in both English and Spanish.

Reading & Writing

Lessons will be taught through interactive activities, learning games, songs, rhymes, and the use of manipulative’s. Children will get an understanding of counting, shapes, and basic math concepts.


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