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Our exciting Summer Camp is designed to be fun and educational for your children! They will be spending their day doing creative activities all while learning a different language. They will practice speaking, and do activities throughout their day entirely in the Spanish language.

T.S.A.C.’s outdoor 2 acre recreation area includes a playground, tricycle track, mini-golf, basketball, soccer, tennis courts, and even a picnic space for snack on a nice day!


They will spend their mornings doing one of our structured and planned outdoor activities. After lunch we will focus on teaching and strengthening their Spanish language speaking. They will also be introduced and taught reading, writing and mathematics according to their grade level.

Register Online For Our Summer Camp!

To sign up, fill out BOTH the registration form and release waiver below and email the completed forms ALONG WITH a copy of your child's birth certificate, physical, and vaccine records to:

In order to submit your application and reserve your spot, the registration fee must be paid immediately. This can be done on our “Pay Online” page.

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