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Our exciting Summer Camp is designed to be fun and educational for your children! They will be spending their day doing creative activities all while learning a different language. They will practice speaking, and do activities throughout their day entirely in the Spanish language.

Planned Activities:

Splash Park, Incrediplex, Xbox Competition, Monon Center, Air Hockey Challenge, Fishing Trip, PingPong Tournament, Soccer, Children’s Museum, Trail Hiking, Regal Movie Theatre, Tennis Lessons, Foosball, Kickball, Fort Ben Museum, Skate Park

* 5 Days a week: Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM is $200 per week.

* 5 Days a week: Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 3:30 PM is $150 per week.

Daily tuition fee is $40

Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack included in all tuition fees.

They will spend their mornings doing one of our structured and planned outdoor activities. At lunch time they will enjoy a delicious and healthy home cooked meal. After lunch we will focus on teaching and strengthening their Spanish language speaking. They will also be introduced and taught reading, writing and mathematics according to their grade level.

  • Private Lessons

    • Individual​

    • Small Group (2)

    • Small Group (4)

    • Tennis Lessons (4)

* During summer camp days, students will be doing academics from 9:30am-11:30am, so attending TSAC during this time is $20 a day per child

Lessons Available​​

  • Kindergarten Prep Class

  • Adult Spanish Lessons

  • Math help

  • Spanish Vocabulary

  • Spanish Reading

  • Spanish Speaking

  • English Reading


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