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The Spanish Advantage Club was created by Sra. Elizabeth Isonhood in 2015. She was a second and sixth grade teacher at Forest Glen Elementary School in Lawrence, IN for eight years. She started tutoring individual students in her home her first year as a teacher. Over the years she was tutoring so many students that she had to start to tutor small groups of children. The small groups in a short amount of time turned into larger groups. In order for her to fulfill her dream of teaching and helping all her student's needs, she opened The Spanish Advantage Club. This allowed her to help and teach all of the growing amount of children that came to her.



The staff of The Spanish Advantage Club has made it their mission to teach English speaking children the language of Spanish and their academics in the Spanish language. Elizabeth Isonhood, our founder, believes that learning multiple languages enhances our children's minds and gives them a learning and comprehension advantage in all aspects of their lives and future. As a teacher and a mother of six children, she has the experience and knowledge of analyzing each individual child's needs to ensure that they receive the absolute best plan possible in helping them achieve their academic goals.


"TSAC has been a blessing for us! My son is in 2nd grade and has been attending their after school program for 2 years. He always has his homework completed when I pick him up, allowing us to spend quality family time when we are together. I also have a 5 yr old who is in the preschool program. I have seen him grow academically and socially in such a positive way. He speaks and reads both English and Spanish and has a love for learning that I can’t take full credit for. All of their staff is very supportive and welcoming. So grateful for this wonderful program!"


~Norma Lopez

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